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As the advance of the information technology, PT. Piranti Data Infosys that existed since 1995 and have an address in Komplek Puri delta Mas Block C/31 Jl. Bandengan Selatan No 43 - Jakarta Utara, bring in a device that accurately capable to identify a person and assure its verification based on the capture of three dimensional images of the employee's hand. The device then called the Handkey/Handpunch Biometric Reader. It's produced by Recognition System, Inc. in Campbell, California, United States. The device, which capable in identifying the employee's attendance has a purpose to develop the human resources management system in order to enhance the productivity.

Besides as time and attendance terminal, Handkey or Handpunch also engineered as a door lock/access control. As a time and attendance-monitoring device, the handkey/handpunch then connected to a PC, hence all the attendance data may directly monitored using the Employee's Attendance Information Software.

The Human resource was a very valuable asset of a/an company/department/institution. The success of a company not only determined by the quality of its human resources, but also by their disciplinary. The company employee disciplinary can be seen and measured by their attendance percentage while working because their attendance were a factor that determines the company's productivity.