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IntelliScan Silver™ is a simple to use, highly secure way of tackling the problem of keeping access to areas or buildings under control, as well as monitoring who is present 24 hours a day.

A centrally managed system that allows easy control over doors and user access to them based on date and times. Restrict users from using certain doors and log all user access.

Users may be set up with varying levels of security (256 levels in total) to allow or restrict access to network readers installed in certain areas. IntelliScan Silver™ allows user configurations to be set-up and subsequently altered quickly and easily. Users may also be restricted from entering the building at certain times of the day or on certain days of the week such as weekends.

  • Simple installation and operation
  • Allows users to be configured and altered from one central PC
  • Monitor and log individual user movement patterns in a central database
  • Analyzes the status and configuration of individual readers on the network
  • Generate detailed reports on user access
  • Export access data on a manual or scheduled basis
  • Real-time monitoring of all doors